I Can Work Again

Monday, May 23, 2005

I arrived back to work about 9:30 on Monday. No email from anyone regarding the computer. I looked in the computer again which appeared to be untouched from the previous week. I found a cover that could be removed easily and found the two hard drives inside that compartment. The computer still wouldn't boot. I sent email to the boss and his secretary telling them of the find, the computer still wouldn't boot, and that I was calling "Help Desk". "Help Desk" declared it an emergency but didn't know when anyone would be able to check on the computer. I obtained a boot DVD from Jason across the hall and booted the computer in an attempt to retrieve some data so I could attempt to get some work done. In examining the contents of the drives Jason and I realized drives C: and D: were reversed. By swapping the cables I was able to get the computer to boot. I called "Help Desk" and canceled my request. That was about 12:30. 

The rest of the day was uneventful as I tried to catch up on all the work I was behind on. I told (I don't remember if it was via email or on the phone) Wayne, my Program Manager, I thought I had things under control and all the looming deadlines (a lot of preparation was needed for a trip to Houston the next week) could be met.