Performance Reviews

My first day of work at PNNL was January 2, 2002.  I had yearly reviews.  The dates below are when the review was given and corresponds to the previous years performance.

bullet2003: Page 1, page 2, page 3.  Some quotes:
bullet"Joe amazes me with his ability to rapidly implement complex applications."
bullet"Joe is one of the best new hires we have had in a long time."
bullet"Joe is in (sic) outstanding technical asset, very articulate and has technical depth in domains that were missing at PNNL.
bullet2004: Page 1, page 2, page 3.  Some quotes:
bullet"The proposal was funded because of Joe's technical knowledge.  It has been a success to date because of his work ethic, technical skills, and his excellent communication skills.  He has been asked to interface with the client on several occasions.  Each time he has been professional, thorough, and inquisitive, making sure he understands the clients need.  Joe has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the continued success of this project."
bullet"Joe Huffman is a very talented and competent software engineer as well as being a good scientist and mentor.  I have often come to Joe with problems that he was able to help me with point me in the right direction to find the solution my self.  In addition Joe does not hesitate to ask others for help when a problem arises that is out of his area of expertise or experience."
bullet"Joe showed that while he is a skilled developer, he is also a quality researcher with many ideas and strong technical abilities to apply to research problems.  This combination makes Joe and invaluable asset to the Cyber Security team."
bullet2005: Page 1, page 2.  Some quotes:
bullet"Joe is a very good engineer and innovator.  He has the ability to see through apparent complexity and find elegant solutions to difficult problems."
bullet"Joe is also a good leader.  He as technical credibility as well as a diplomatic disposition that allows him to direct teams to do very good work while avoiding conflicts."
bullet"Joe has a great future at the lab due in part to his expertise and interpersonal relationship style."
bullet"Joe did an excellence job on the [deleted project name] project.  The client was very happy with the end result."
bullet"Joe brings a (sic) unique perspective and set of experiences which allow him to make contributions to the success of a project.  Joe shows an excellent ability to plan tasks, manage scope, and lead a project team to the end goal of a project."
bullet"Over the last year Joe has assisted with various IED problems and has brought a number of solutions forward for discussion and evaluation, as his explosives background and personal research gives him a good feel for the issues involved."

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