Friday, June 3 2005

At 13:21 I received a call from Peggy Hevland's phone.  It was Bryan on a speaker phone and he told me Peggy was with him.  The investigation was completed and I was terminated and my security clearance terminated.  I asked if I was allowed to contest whatever it was I was accused of doing.  Bryan told me the decision had been reviewed and it was final.  I asked what it was I was accused of doing wrong.  Bryan started to say something about not going there and Peggy interrupted and read to me from the letter being sent to me: "Inappropriate and unauthorized use of PNNL computing resources, failure to comply with standards outlined in the Business Ethics and Staff Conduct subject area, unauthorized disclosure of or use of information that is proprietary or confidential to Battelle and it's clients, and dishonesty."  [See the letter I received the next day.]  I asked for specific things-those were all vague and I had no idea what she was talking about.  She told me, "That discussion wouldn't be productive.

They told me they were sending me a package FedEx with some information about COBRA, etc.  There was some paper work for my security clearance I had to sign and return "Right away".  My personal belongings in my office would be packaged up and shipped to me at home.  They confirmed my home address and asked if I understood what they wanted me to do.  I said yes. And just before hanging up I said "Thank you."