Dead Computer

Thursday, May 19 2005

I went back to work and connected my two computers to their cables.  My laptop booted just fine but my main desktop computer with most of my email and current work would not boot--"Missing boot device...". I looked inside and could not find any hard disks (there should have been two). I asked Jason from across the hall to look as well. He could not find them either. I thanked him and he asked how I was doing.  I said, "Terrible.  Just terrible."  The tears started coming and I started sobbing as I shut the door to my office--almost in his face.

I tried calling both my boss and his secretary but got voicemail. I used the working computer to get on the web and sent another web based email:

From: Huffman, Joseph K
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 9:49 AM
To: McMillan, Bryan H
Cc: Lopez, Juana I; joe@joehuffman.org; Lawson, Gina M
Subject: RE: Is there a WP # for restoring my computers?

I still don't have a work package number. And I also don't have a hard disk in my computer that has all my current work.

Send me an email and Cc: bryan@joehuffman.org when you get my computer back together and something I can charge to for all this time I am missing. I will be taking vacation for tomorrow. Let me know if there is any point in me returning to work on Monday.


Gina Lawson, on the Cc: line is the administrative assistant for all the projects I work on.  I wanted her to know where I was and what was going on.  That I would being unable to work on anything until I got them back.  I waited for some time and with no reply drove home to Moscow.