All The Computers

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 24/25, 2005

I got a call from Juana saying my other computers were available. I picked them up and it appeared they were functional (I never got around to turned one of them on). I took the opportunity to rearrange my office some and change the networking some.  I used my own little closed network for some of the computers on some projects and changed things so I could still get out to the internet with them for getting software updates, etc. by plugging in just one cable.  A co-worker told me of a registry key entry I could (and did) make to make them more secure from domain administrators.  There are foreign nationals working at "Help Desk" and theoretically could access material they weren't authorized to see without that change.

I worked long hours both Tuesday and Wednesday getting caught up on preparation for my trip to Houston June 1-4. Things were definitely under control by Wednesday morning.  I had the beginnings of a great presentation and I was feeling good about the trip. I was one of the six task leads for a multi-year project that we were just starting.  In addition I was representing Pacific Northwest Laboratory as one of the organizers at this workshop. About 100 people from all over the country were to be there.  I emailed my presentation to one of the other organizers about 21:30 or 22:00 to be duplicated and handed out to the participants.  I went to sleep feeling great.